Our Cat Shelter & Veterinarian Ambassador Program

Thank you for all the hard work you do keeping cat's safe and healthy. Here at KittySpout we strive to keep cat's healthy through proper hydration with our Health & Happiness Cat Kit's (see here).

This is why we want to come together with you and combine our missions to reach and help more cat's and cat owners around the world.

We're Paying It Forward

Partnering with us will not only allow enable both of us to help more cat's around the world. But will also benefit your shelter/clinic with things like:

✔️ Donating a % of our sales to your shelter
✔️ Spreading awareness to your shelter by promoting it on our website & social media
✔️ Big discounts for your shelter & adoptive parents

But that's not all! Keep reading👇

What's In It For You?

We Will Donate To You

Your shelter will get it's own unique discount code for your adoptive parents to use and save $.

Everytime someone purchases using your discount code we will give you back 25% of that sale as credit to your shelter which can be used for purchasing other products, filters etc.

Big Discounts For Your Shelter/Clinic

When ordering in bulk get up to an extra 30% OFF our health & happiness cat kit's to make taking care of your cat's easier while imrpoving their health & happiness!

Simply let us know how many you would need and we will give you a big discount off your order.

You'll Be Featured On Our Website & Socials

As our partner, you will be featured on our website and social media accounts for thousands of people to see and learn more about your shelter/clinic!

How Does It Work?

Step 01
Send In Your Application

Simply send us a message in the form below with the following information:
- Location
- Name of shelter/veterinarian clinic
- Address
- Number of cat's
- How many you want to order

Step 02
Receive Your Product's & Get Promoted

We send over your products to you! So you can use them, resell them, or even promote them with your discount code!

As well, at this time we will put your shelter and details on our website and socials to help spread awareness!

Step 03
Start Saving!

With this program your shelter/clinic can save big on orders while also giving discounts to your own adoptive parents and customers! It's a win-win for everyone.

For every order placed with your discount code we will give 25% of the sale back to your shelter/clinic as credit which can be used for purchasing other products, filters etc.

Let's Partner & Help Cat's Around The World!

Simply send us a message in the form below with the following information: Location, Name of shelter/veterinarian clinic, Address, Number of cat's, How many you want to order.

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