Our Guarantee

We´re not asking you to say yes or no today, we’re asking you to make an informed decision, that is all. The only way you can make a fully informed decision is by trying our KittySpout. So you buy it and see for yourself if what we say on this page is true and valuable to you and your furball. Then, If it is, that’s when you decide to keep it. If it´s not for you, no hard feelings. And know this... whether is 30 min or 364 days from now.....if you wouldn’t club a baby kitten to stay on as a customer, you´ll get your money back, no questions asked, because if you ain´t happy, we ain´t happy. So if for any reason whatsoever, you want your money back you can get it because we only want to keep your money if you and your cat are happy. All you have to do is go to support@kittyspout.com and tell us “gimme my money” and you got it, No Questions Asked.