How Cats Choose Their Favorite Person?

If you have a feline family member sharing your home, along with other humans, you might find yourself in a friendly competition over which person the cat likes the most.

Each member of the household may believe they deserve the cat's affection the most, perhaps because they're the ones who do all the feeding or clean the litter box every day.

But the question remains: do cats have a favorite person? And if you're a cat owner, how can you make sure that person is you?

Do Cats Play Favorites?

It may come as a surprise if you're not a cat owner, but many cats do seem to have a favorite human. You might assume that the person who takes care of them the most would be the chosen one. However, your cat's preferred human might not be the one who feeds them, cleans up after them, or pays for their vet bills!

In fact, it's not uncommon for a cat's favorite person to be someone who doesn't even like cats very much. It seems that the harder you try to win over your cat's affection, the less interested they become. It's often the people who don't try too hard, who give cats their space, and respect their independence who end up being the chosen one.

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Signs That You're Your Cat's Favorite

Cats are complex creatures and bond with their humans in different ways. Therefore, there are several ways your feline friend might show you that you're their favorite person. One clear indication is if they choose your lap to curl up on when they have other options. If they relax and fall asleep, that's the ultimate display of trust. If they rub against you and give you affectionate headbutts, known as bunting, it means you're doing something right! Many cats purr when they're around their favorite human.

Another sign that you're their favorite is if they follow you around the house like a shadow and want to be near you all the time.

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Why Do Cats Choose Favorites?

When cats choose their favorite person, it's a sign of trust. For them, being around or in contact with someone they fully trust means they can completely relax and feel safe from harm. After all, if they let their guard down, they're relying on you to protect them. But being your cat's favorite human doesn't just mean being a safe place to sleep; you're also someone they can have fun with during playtime.

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How Can You Help Your Cat Trust You More?

If you want your cat to trust you more, pay attention to their body language. If they're flicking their tail or have their ears back, it means they don't want to be approached. If you try to grab them for a cuddle at a time like this, you won't get a great response!

It's better to wait until they're showing signs of wanting to interact, like chirruping at you, rubbing against you, or purring. Let them approach you, and use positive reinforcement, such as treats, to reward them for coming to you for cuddles.

Observe your cat's behavior and figure out what activities or toys they enjoy. Sharing these moments with them can help strengthen your bond. Be aware of what your cat doesn't like, and modify your behavior accordingly. Try to be calmer and quieter when your cat is around and avoid sudden loud noises or movements that might make them nervous.

Using calming sprays and diffusers, such as Pet Remedy and Feliway, can also help solidify your cat's bond with you. Finally, provide a safe space for your cat, and respect their need for alone time.

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So don't be disheartened if your cat has a favorite person who isn't you. By respecting your cat's boundaries, understanding their body language, and spending quality time with them, you can strengthen your bond and become a trusted companion.

In the end, what matters most is the love and companionship you share with your furry friend. Whether you're their favorite or not, you can still enjoy a happy and fulfilling life with your beloved feline companion.


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